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We know it can be a hassle to do a job and only see a paycheck a month later. At, we pay over 92% of our jobs in just 12 days from signing. Sign up today and start getting paid in less than two weeks from your first job!

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Secure & Compliant

GetNotarized is a full CFPB & TRID compliant platform. We use the highest grade encryption to keep your data safe (2048-bit SHA-256 RSA Encryption). We provide full audit trails and detailed reports. Rest easy knowing your data - and your client's data - is always encrypted and secure.

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Simplify Everything

With GetNotarized, managing your jobs is easy and simple: just click "Accept" to accept a job, notify all stakeholders, and start doing business.

You can also add the job to your calendar in just one click! You'll get reminders when a job is approaching, and a link to all the job details is in the calendar appointment. This also helps you stay organized, and make sure you're not double-booking yourself by accident.

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Keep Everyone Informed

Not only can you see all your jobs in a single dashboard and get up-to-the minute updates and notifications, but you can also provide that for all your stakeholders!

Invite lenders, loan officers, and realtors to view jobs on GetNotarized. They will be able to see the same job you see, keeping everyone on the same page. They can also get notifications whenever something changes. You'll never need to spend time updating someone over the phone again!

Need Directions?

With our mobile-friendly website and app, you can get one-click directions from your current location to the signing location! You can also see how far you are from the signing location and plan accordingly.

All entered addresses are validated and confirmed so you know the travel estimates are useful.

Enterprise intergrations and services available upon request

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